Awesome Birthday Present

I just celebrated one of my milestone birthdays, and one of my favorite gifts was from a new artist I met named Julie.  I really admire what Julie has done.  She has participated in the OJ County Sawdust Festival, Art Affair and has sold her greeting cards in a La Jolla Gallery (they contacted her!)  Well, unbeknownst to Julie, it was my birthday and her kind comments on my artwork thrills me, and i am very encouraged.

2 big influences on my artwork are Peter Max and the Fauvists who started the Impressionist movement in France.  I especially love Monet, Matisse and Derain.  When I first saw the artwork by those Fauves — well, i feel like I knew them and they know me.  I’ve only told 4 people this, and to my surprise, Julie with her keen eye “saw the Fauvist influence” in my artwork and wrote me in an email that she just went to a Henri Matisse retrospective showing work done during his Fauvist period and she said Matisse’s work was joyful with lots of color like mine!   I AM SOOOOOO COMPLIMENTED to be in the same company (much less the same sentence) of those very wonderful Impressionist artists!  Thank you so much Julie for your kind words which is one of the biggest compliments I have ever had.

Ok.  Good night for now. 

P.S.  New paintings coming onto the site.  I’ve just got to find time to photograph them and post them!

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