To the person who took my car magnet

So if u r out there and u read this — and u know who u are — I don’t know if i should be complimented or confusingly sad.  What i am talking about is my car magnet, which i thought was really beautiful, that said  It is missing off my car.  Now who would take that?  it’s not like u can use it to sell your stuff because it has my info on it.  So why did you take it?  Maybe you really like my car magnet?  Well, so do i, so if u are reading this, could you please return it?  u can just drop it off at the Law Offices of John Taylor whose office is located right by where my car was parked.  Just drop it right in the door and there will be NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  Thank you so much!

Send me an email  — anyone who happens to read this — and let me know what is an unusual thing of yours that got stolen.  thank u and good night!

2 Responses to “To the person who took my car magnet”

  1. judy day Says:

    well, I had my RCHS volunteer magnet stolen off car as well………maybe someone wants to be recognized as a volunteer…….but really isn’t. hope u get your magnet back! love your artwork!

  2. Jeannie Says:

    Thanks for commenting Judy! No one ever responded to this one, even on Facebook! i thought I was the only one who had this happen. people are so weird! Thanks for your encouragement on my artwork….hope to hear you laughing on the tennis court soon!

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