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Thank you, Mahalo, Salamat, Merci Beaucoup, Muchas Gracias, Grazie Mille, Danke Schön, Obrigado, Domo Arigato Gozaimasu for taking a look at my site.  I hope that, like the Hula, my paintings tell you a story, a story that you will want to surround yourself with.

Anything having to do with art, Hawaii, tropical, waves, Hawai'i, landscape, the ocean, islands and anything flower inspires me.  I was born in the Philippines, which are islands in the Pacific, and I was raised by an entrepreneurial, very colorful grandmother and a very patient aunt in San Francisco, and then I later joined my big family, moved to San Diego and was influenced by an entrepreneurial and flower-loving mom. 

I have been blessed to live by the ocean all of my life.  The cities I’ve lived in are:  San Francisco, Treasure Island, Chula Vista, South Mission, Pacific, Beach, Del Mar, La Jolla, Encinitas, Carlsbad and Oahu, Hawaii.    Now, I am a very blessed wife of a patient and creative husband who is a Certified Tea Master, and we have 3 energetic children and a mischievous dog.


My earliest memory of something that took my breath away was when I was 4 years old and I discovered… crayons!  

What a miracle those little sticks were.  They held such wonder for me because they had the magical ability to produce color and make beautiful scribbles, and, oh, what a joy they were!

Alas, I also remember always getting in trouble for drawing on walls, but scribbling color on that white wall moved me so much that I thought the spankings were more than well worth it.  What a rush it was to color, and still I find it a thrill when pencil and color “kiss” the paper!


  3/1/11 -4/1/11
Carlsbad Cole Library One-Woman Exhibit (map)

Carlsbad Dove Library One-Woman Exhibit (map)

FACE Foundation Charity Auction, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

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Follow what I'm doing as I do it on Twitter at :  www.Twitter.com/JeanColors and you can even buy some of my work on Etsy at: www.JeanLaszuk.Etsy.com.

My artwork was featured in a show called "Soli Deo Gloria - New Every Morning" at North Coast Calvary Chapel! What a wonderful experience!


Click here to visit my gallery. All of the art in my gallery is original. I do have gallery-wrapped giclees available on canvas, some starting as low as $125. Enjoy!

Creating art moves and excites me.  What art can do to your emotions, your feelings and your life is amazing. In my paintings I’ve tried to move you with the emotion I feel.

I hope you feel when you look at my paintings. I hope I am opening new ways for you to see. I hope I make you wonder.


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